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The following graphic gives an overview of courses offered in the area of Discrete and Combinatorial Optimisation at RWTH Aachen.

Overview of courses in Combinatorial Optimisation

We recommend that students take both introductory lectures Linear Optimisation and Network Algorithms and Discrete and Combinatorial Optimisation, if they want to take a focus of studies in Discrete and Combinatorial Optimisation and/or Operational Research. Either of those is sufficient to do a Bachelor's thesis at our group. Alternatively, the lecture Combinatorial Optimisation (formerly Optimisation B) can be taken, which is a condensed English version of both lectures mentioned before, which are thought in German. A seminar in Discrete Optimisation is offered each term together with the Teaching and Research Area Discrete Optimisation .
For students in their Master's or Bachelor's students interested in taking additional courses, any of the lectures above can be taken for further studies. The courses on Theory of Optimization of Graphs and Networks and Mathematical Heuristics for Discrete Optimisation Problems are regularly offered by our group each fall and spring term, respectively. The other lectures are offered by the Teaching and Research Area Discrete Optimisation. Note that there is also a wide range of courses offered in the computer science department and the business faculty, which might be interesting for students with the respective minor/major.

If you are a student wishing to contact us regarding a lecture, a thesis or another issue, please take the time to read through our short guide on how to write an email to staff beforehand.